About Vibrating Panties With Remote

17 May

Operating the remote on our 10-Function Remote Control Panty is pretty easy. Make sure the batteries are properly installed in both the bullet and the remote. The bullet requires 2 AAA batteries (included) and the remote requires one 12V battery(also included). To turn on the remote, press the power button first (the top button). This will activate the remote but nothing will happen to the bullet just yet. Now, press and hold the “F-button” for 3 seconds, this will power up the bullet and start it on it’s first vibration function/pattern. The bullet has 10 functions, from straight vibration pulsations to escalation and staggered vibrations, and each time you press and hold the button for approximately one second, it will change the function. If you press and hold the F button for more than 3 seconds, it shuts the bullet off all together and turns the power off. Once you get the hang of it, its pretty easy to use and you’ll be giving your partner secret vibrations when they least expect it! Be sure to turn the bullet power button off before you put the toy away to prolong your battery life of the remote.

This is a sample review from one of our customers:

This product is super cool.Your partner can wear it out while you hold the remote. It is so much fun to flick the switch when you are dancing at the club.You can give her so many orgasms right there in front of everyone and no one has a clue. I recommend this to any couple

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Club Vibe

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